This field starts with me walking up on one of Hank's finds with Spec backing and Aka backing me up. Next picture is Aka watching me and the dogs pick up the downed bird. What a classic photo, ocean in the background and a good ole boy doin' what he loves.

Another point

Aka watching Shawn and the dogs

It's a water break and swap out dogs time. The temperatures are pleasant for hunting, however, it takes a lot of water to keep the dogs going when it's 60 - 70 degrees. The field starts with Spec with a nice find and Missy honoring him. The next picture is Mekuhah tracking a running bird. Francolin can run as bad as pheasants if they have the open cover situations to do it. The next picture is Missy with the find a Spec's turn to honor her. They made a pretty good team so far in this field.

                                               Spec with a nice find with Missy backing

Aka walking to another one of Spec's finds


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