4x Ch Shady Meadows Littlejoe Dan

Crow's Little Joe Females

Oh yeah, my favorite dogs to foot hunt behind and train. These genetics just flow with natural ability. If fostered properly the vast majority will point, back and retrieve with very little formal training. There is not a bloodline out there that has produced more foot hunting champions. I know of at least a dozen 10x or more champions and of at least 30, 1-9x champions and that's just the ones I know of. His genetics are the indisputable king of NSTRA and dog for dog, my personal experience has led me to prize foot hunting behind them more than any other line. Obviously there's great bird dogs in all bloodlines. For the foot hunting of pheasants and quail that we do in Missouri and Kansas I have found nothing better as far as over all performance goes. From what I am told they also excel as cover dogs on grouse and handle the rocky terrain of chukar country very well. From personal experience they are tough enough and have the drive to hunt from the truck in Texas although I personally prefer a Crow's Little Joe/Honky Tonk Attitude cross for those conditions. They are even tougher, have even more nose and bigger drive, yet still have the handling and retrieving of the Crow's Little Joe lines.

We plan to use this breeding program to keep Joe's genetics running thick for the coming years. We're saving semen from Danny and will hopefully have it for years to come.




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