The Shady Meadows Gundogs Socialization Program:

We start at an early age with our pups. Pups are handled daily from the beginning using the Bio Sensor/Super Dog  performance improvement program and are taken out to run and explore from the time they really get their feet under them. By 5 to 6 weeks of age pups will be swimming, getting used to the lead and being worked with pointing a wing.

 As they get bigger and stronger they are going for runs in the tall grass and getting used to heavier cover. They are also socialized to kids and cats. We've found that starting these experiences early leads to a dog that isn't afraid to hit the heavy cover later in life and doesn't have issues with crossing creeks or retrieving birds out of water. The more a pup is exposed to at a young age, the bolder it will be as it grows up.


We start worming the pups at 3 weeks old and they are wormed every 2 weeks until 3 months old and then switched to monthly worming. Pups already have both first and second puppy shots.


See our guarantee and deposit policy for additional information.

Optional Programs:

Microchipping: Vets charge anywhere from $30 - $60 to microchip a puppy and then you have to register the chip and pay $20 to do so. We will microchip your puppy before it leaves the facility and handle the registering for you for a fee of $45. That barely covers our costs but we feel VERY strongly that it should be standard operating procedure for any kennel that really cares about the pups they sell. Most vets and shelters scan all dogs brought in so if your pet is ever lost, microchipping is the best possible insurance you can find to get your pet back.

Prey drive develpment program:

Beginning in October of 2007 we began offering a prey drive development program. This program has proven very successful for several friends of ours in the business.



From weeks 7-9 pups are worked in a fenced in area in cover (properly designed small brush piles, foot tall grass, food plots, etc.) chasing quail that can't fly. They will be allowed to catch the quail and try to take them away from each other.

They really learn to use their nose and track. It's a real hoot to watch the little guys go at it. The psychological development of the pointing breeds only allows this to be done up until week 10. We are going to stop at week 9. If you do this on your own, don't push the age limit. It can end up messing up their pointing instinct later in life.

Pups also continue with leash work, water work and other socialization. Flushing lab puppies can be left longer if you desire.




This is a 2 week program and the cost is $125 per week.


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